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How to use sonic toothbrushes correctly? Apr 10, 2021
How to use sonic toothbrushes correctly?
The electric toothbrushes currently on the market are mainly divided into rotary electric toothbrushes and sonic electric toothbrushes. Both toothbrushes are based on mechanical principles. The rotary electric toothbrushes cleans the teeth through the high-speed reciprocating rotation of the circular brush head; while the working principle of the sonic toothbrush is that the brush head swings left and right at a high speed in the direction perpendicular to the handle, and the swing frequency is the same as the sound wave. The frequency is the same or similar, so it is called a sonic toothbrush. The rapid movement of the bristles with the same sonic vibration frequency creates a super cleaning effect that is nearly 100 times higher than that of a traditional manual toothbrush.

Due to its working principle,sonic toothbrushes are relatively soft compared to rotary electric toothbrushes, which can give people a better experience, including sound and strength; while the sound of rotary toothbrushes is often louder. It is similar to the sound of a razor, and it will wear out the teeth to a certain extent.

The high-frequency vibration generated by the sonic toothbrush head can instantly decompose the toothpaste into fine foam and clean the teeth deeply. It can not only remove dental plaque more thoroughly, reduce gingivitis and gum bleeding; at the same time, the vibration of the bristles can promote Oral blood circulation is a popular daily necessities in many countries in Europe and America.
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