Roaman Oral Care


A high-end personal care brand under Guangdong Roman Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., has focused on oral care for 16 years and has tailored a variety of oral care products for Asians, so that more people have healthy mouths.

Brand Introduction
ROAMAN, China's high-end personal care brand
Core concept: deep cleansing, whitening and leaving fragrance
Brand vision: to protect the oral health of the whole people and enhance the awareness of oral care of the whole people

ROAMAN is committed to becoming a leader in oral care in China, always insisting on being consumer-centric, developing more intelligent oral care products, providing personalized services, and protecting national oral health.

Roman Dental Laboratory: In order to provide consumers with a better oral care experience, ROAMAN specifically established the Dental Laboratory to conduct research on oral characteristics and product technology, and regularly contact many internationally renowned dental medical institutions/colleges The dental clinic maintains close communication, understands the core needs of potential users and target users, and optimizes and upgrades the appearance and function of the product in order to develop oral care products such as electric toothbrushes and flushing toothbrushes suitable for consumers. Protect the oral health of consumers.

Four Steps to Roaman Oral Care:
ROAMAN advocates the concept of scientific tooth care "one brush, two links, three flushes and four rinses"
The first step: brush
Pap brushing + electric toothbrush = complete cleaning
Step 2: Pass
Deep in between teeth + floss stick = meticulous cleaning
The third step: rush
Pulse water flow + flushing device = deep cleaning
The fourth step: rinse
Regular use + gum care mouthwash = supplementary cleansing

Brand power
ROAMAN has successively won 6 international awards, as well as several international certifications such as German GS and European Union CE.
In 2018, Roman was recognized as the Engineering Technology Research Center of Personal Care Smart Electrical Appliances in Guangdong Province.
In 2019, Roman, as the main drafting unit, formulated the world's first electric toothbrush product performance standard T/CHEAA 0009-2019 "Electric Toothbrush" industry standard.
In 2020, Roaman won the Top 10 Super Rookie of the Year Award on Tmall.
In 2020, ROAMAN has settled in more than 6,000 dental hospitals/outpatient clinics and 2,000 supermarket department stores nationwide.
In 2020, Lohmann's T40 electric toothbrush won the 2020 International CMF Design Award.
In September 2020, ROAMAN became the main drafting unit of the industry standard for the first domestic "Electric Teeth Redischer".
In November 2020, Roaman Dental Laboratory launched an intelligent pressure-sensitive fruit brush for the world premiere on Tmall.
In March 2021, ROAMAN won the AWE Epland Award for three consecutive years.

Brand event
In 2019, the well-known actress Guan Xiaotong spoke for ROAMAN, helping to upgrade the ROAMAN brand.
In 2019, ROAMAN and Mishka, the beauty brand, launched a joint electric toothbrush.
In 2019, ROAMAN and Tmall jointly launched the Roman small fruit brush electric toothbrush.
In 2019, ROAMAN held the first scientific lecture on the concept of “one brush, two links, three flushes” in Beijing, advocating the concept of oral health, promoting and influencing more people to develop good oral hygiene habits, and doing a good job of “one brush, Two-pass, three-stroke" oral health trilogy, let more people have a high-quality healthy life.
In 2020, Roaman will be on the road to fight the "epidemic". Roman donated tens of thousands of imported medical protective masks to Wuhan.
In March 2020, Luoman Electric Toothbrush × Alibaba design team jointly created the Jingji electric toothbrush to be launched.
In March 2020, ROAMAN joined the national animation brand "Bear Haunted" to launch a joint electric toothbrush for children to protect children's oral health.
In 2020, Roaman was selected into the "National Brand Plan" jointly created by CCTV and Huge Engine. Roman electric toothbrush "not only refreshes teeth, but also refreshes the impression of domestic products", re-establishing a new image of the brand's national trend.
In 2020, ROAMAN and Dr. Dingxiang will jointly develop and launch a joint dental flusher to provide consumers with professional oral care and cleaning solutions, promote a healthy lifestyle, and convey scientific nursing awareness.
In 2020, ROAMAN, together with Tmall and, respectively launched C2M reverse customized products such as Jingji and Xiaojingji.
In 2020, Roaman Dental Laboratories and Mass Engine jointly released the "2020 Love Tooth White Paper", revealing the new trend of oral care in China in an all-round way.
In 2021, ROAMAN launched the Xiaoxiangfei Teeth Flushing Device.

Brand Honors
In 2018, Roaman electric toothbrush won the "Fashion Consumer Brand of the Year" award at Hangzhou International Fashion Week.
In 2019, the ROAMAN DENTAL WATER FLOSSER Mini1 won the 2019 Epland Excellent Product Award.
In 2020, Roaman Electric Toothbrush Smart1 won the 2020 April Outstanding Product Award.
In 2020, Lohmann's electric toothbrush was carefully selected and won the 2020 International CMF Design Award.
In 2020, Roman Electric Toothbrush Small Fruit Brush won the Top 10 Super Rookie Awards of Tmall of the Year.
In 2021, Lohmann Electric Toothbrush was carefully selected and won the 2021 Epland Excellent Product Award.
In 2021, Roaman Electric Toothbrush won the 2021 Tmall Goddess Festival New Brand Ceremony Golden Makeup Award-2021 Emerging Star Brand.
In 2021, Roaman electric toothbrush won the 2021 Tmall Goddess Festival New Brand Ceremony Golden Makeup Award-2021 Oral Care Award.

Brand History
In 2006, ROAMAN was formally established.
In 2012, Roaman appeared on the international tour exhibition.
In 2016, Roaman participated in the World Oral Health Care Forum and accelerated the development of oral health.
In 2017, Roaman was included in the enterprise of the Guangdong Dongguan Municipal Government's doubling plan and became a key government-supported enterprise.
In 2017, ROAMAN entered Tmall strongly, marking the full launch of the strategic project of the Roman electric toothbrush brand.
In 2018, Roman Smart was recognized as "Guangdong Province Personal Care Intelligent Electrical Appliance Engineering Technology Research Center".
In 2019, Roaman started to build a health appliance industrial park to build a benchmarking base for oral health.
In 2020, Lohmann developed and launched a variety of oral care products, including high-end products such as Jingji, Xiaoxiangfei, steam oral spray, and concentrated oral essence.

Branded products
electric toothbrush
Roaman  T10S
Roaman  T40
Roaman children bear brush K6X
Roaman  T10
Raoman  T3
Roaman Sonic Electric Toothbrush T5
Roaman Water flosser  W10 MINI WATERFLOSSER MINI1
Roman Electric Toothbrush Smart1

Other Accessories
Roaman toothbrush head
Roaman probiotic toothpaste
Roaman toothbrush travel disinfection box
Roaman  spray
Roaman Oral Essence Spray
Roaman Diamond Brightening Teeth Sticker
Roaman portable toothpick floss
Roaman Liquid Toothpaste
Roaman portable mouthwash
Roaman toothbrush disinfection box
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