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Roaman W10 Water Flosser experience excellent dental cleaning Apr 22, 2021
In order to maintain oral health, we brush our teeth every morning and evening, but can we really brush our teeth to have the effect of protecting teeth? Certainly not, because it can not clean the gap between the teeth, between the teeth of food debris, toothbrush can do nothing, then you need to use floss, toothpick or toothbrush cleaning tools, toothbrush is the best of the three tools to clean, but will not harm the teeth.

Recommended by dentist Roaman W10 water flosser

With 1600 times/min high pressure pulse, 0.6mm directional water column, five washing modes, it provides a variety of solutions to care the gingiva when the oral cleaning is not in place. The strong force of the Roaman Water Flossing Machine can really clean the food residue in the tooth crevices, under the gingiva, the grooves and other parts.

Manual, warranty card and two standard nozzles, standard nozzles with sealed packaging, safety and health, longer storage time.

Standard USB TPYE-C charging cable. The biggest advantage of TPYE-C interface is that there is no need to distinguish between positive and negative sides, and it is more convenient to insert and dial. In addition, Type-C interface has become a universal interface. When you go out, you can share the same charger and charging cable with your smart phone, with one less cable. The TYPE-C charging line that comes with the Roaman portable water flosser is 0.8m in length, which is equivalent to the charging line that comes with smart phones. It is of excellent quality and full of sincerity.
At the top is a nozzle jack. In order to avoid water accumulation, the Roaman W10 water flosser does not use a flat surface, but a gentle downward slope. This design can not only prevent water accumulation, but also increase the three-dimensional effect.
The long nozzle release button is placed on the inside, which has strong toughness and good elasticity. It needs a little force to press. Below is the overflow hole, convenient internal water discharge, always keep the interior clean and clean.
The nozzle can be inserted directly without pressing the release button. When the nozzle is inserted at the bottom, it will make a "crack" sound and the nozzle button will pop out. At this time, the release button needs to be pressed to dial out again.
In order to have a more comfortable hand feel, the fuselage of Roaman W10 water flosser blower adopts human biomimicry design, the curve meets the radian of the palm, and the thickness is equivalent to the palm. The surface of skin-friendly material is fine and smooth, and there are evenly distributed fine particles inside to prevent skid and wear, so as to improve the grip feel.
After starting the machine, it can clearly feel the strong water flow to wash the teeth. The 1600 times/minute high pressure pulse and 0.6mm water column are more cohesive and have stronger explosive force, which can clean the food residue in the cracks between the teeth. In addition, instead of having to flush one area for a long time, except for the stubborn food particles stuck in the cracks between the teeth, you can wash each tooth in sequence. Because the nozzle is long enough, with a certain radian, the toothbrush can not clean the parts, such as under the gingiva, groove and other parts of the rinse, the combination of large water washing + large water pressure, the effect is very excellent.
Brushing is the main way to clean teeth, but there is always less than the brush, for a long time, there will be tooth decay, dental plaque, dental calculus, periodontitis and other problems. The toothbrush is an effective way to clean areas that a toothbrush can't.

Roaman W10 water flosser is small in size but has strong power. 1600 times/min high pressure pulse and 0.6mm fine directional water column can make teeth more powerful, clean more thoroughly and clean the mouth. The Roaman W10 water flosser provides the amount of water needed for one flush. 5 hours quick charge +100 days of super long battery life, to meet the dual needs of daily use and outside use. The USB TPYE-C interface, which supports forward and back plug dialing, can be shared with a smartphone. IPX7 class waterproofing provides better protection for the Roaman W10 water flosser.

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