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Do you know the correct way to use an electric toothbrush? Nov 20

Everyone should be familiar with electric toothbrushes. There are many brands and models of electric toothbrushes on the market, anyone can buy them, but will you really use it correctly? Today, Roman is here to share with you the correct use of electric toothbrushes, hoping to help new user to  use electric toothbrushes correctly.

electric toothbrushes

How to choice of cleaning mode?

Electric toothbrushes are equipped with different gears, and different gears correspond to people with different needs. The difference between gears is not only the vibration frequency, but also the swing amplitude of the bristles of different gears. Before we use it, we have to understand our own oral conditions and needs. If we have sensitive teeth, the gums and teeth are relatively fragile. If we choose improperly, it may be counterproductive. It is recommended to use a gear with a lower intensity and a gentler mode to avoid damaging the enamel of the gums and ensure proper cleaning. If your teeth are too sensitive, or you are more picky about the strength mode, and you want to find an electric toothbrush that can meet the different strength needs of you or your family, the RAMAN T10S electric toothbrush is a good choice. 5 kinds of strength and 5 kinds of cleaning modes, sensitive oral people can choose the sensitive mode, low strength and gentle tooth cleaning, no tooth damage.

RAMAN T10S electric toothbrush

Cleaning of electric toothbrush

  After we have selected the gear and cleaned our teeth, we must first turn off the switch of the electric toothbrush, and then take the electric toothbrush out of the mouth. After cleaning the brush head of the toothbrush with running water, shake it gently to remove excess water drops. If possible, wipe it with a clean cloth, and finally put it in a dry environment. The utensils for electric toothbrushes are best suspended. The cups are easy to get wet. Even electric toothbrushes with high waterproof performance will not pose a safety hazard. However, similar to ordinary electric toothbrushes, if they are in a humid environment for a long time, the brush head of the toothbrush is easy to breed bacteria.

  *Attention, pay attention to whether the purchased electric toothbrush is waterproof and its waterproof level before use.

How to charge an electric toothbrush?

All electric toothbrushes on the market use rechargeable batteries. When buying an electric toothbrush, you will find the charger or charging cable. When you use an electric toothbrush and find that the vibration frequency is not right and the cleaning is not strong enough, first check whether the gear you have adjusted is correct and confirm that it is correct but the toothbrush is still weak when turning, then the electric toothbrush may be insufficient. In order to ensure that oral cleaning is not terminated due to lack of electricity, the electric toothbrush should be supplemented in time. It is also a good choice to buy an electric toothbrush with strong battery life, such as the ROAMAN T10S electric toothbrush.

  *Note: Do not soak in water when charging.

Although there are many brands of electric toothbrushes, with different styles and characteristics, the correct use of smart electric toothbrushes is the same. There are differences in the quality of electric toothbrushes, so everyone should pay more attention when buying them, and observe the comparison data in combination with the use of them. Looking at the market, Roman is definitely one of the most cost-effective and quality and safe brands.

   The vibration frequency is up to 48000 times/min, which can clean the mouth in all directions without dead ends. DuPont imported from the United States, elastic and slender bristles, the tip rounded treatment can effectively protect the gums. Long battery life, it can be used for 60 days on a single charge, which solves the trouble caused by high-frequency charging and avoids the embarrassment of not being able to brush teeth due to sudden power failure. Innovative technology and noise reduction technology, adhering to the concept of high standards and low noise in the industry, so that users do not need to be upset by noisy noise.

   Whether it is a manual ordinary toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, the correct method of brushing teeth can create a healthy oral environment and effectively protect your oral safety.

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