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"Electric Water flosser " group standard is officially released, ROAMAN leads the industry to the "Quality Era" Feb 27
"Electric Water flosser " group standard is officially released, ROAMAN leads the industry to the "Quality Era"

On December 15th, the first domestic group standard for "Electric Water flosser" drafted by ROAMAN was officially released and implemented, breaking the embarrassment of no standards in the dental flushing industry, promoting the orderly development of the oral care industry, and helping Oral health for all.

Electric Dental Electric Water flosser

   The "Electric Dental Electric Water flosser" group standard was published after 6 rounds of discussion meetings, which lasted 1 year and was reviewed by experts. This is the second industry standard drafted by ROAMAN as the only main drafting unit after the group standard of "Electric Toothbrush".

   Electric Water flosser is an oral care tool that uses pulsed water impact to clean teeth and between teeth. Brushing is the main way to clean teeth and maintain oral hygiene, but it is difficult to clean the gaps between the teeth and the gingival sulcus, and the oral cavity cannot be thoroughly cleaned. Using a toothbrush with a toothbrush can clean teeth more comprehensively and improve dental caries and calculus. , Bleeding gums, gingivitis and other problems.

Electric Water flosser

   A sudden epidemic has significantly increased consumers' health awareness. In the rapidly growing health industry, the oral health economy has ushered in a new round of outbreaks. Data show that from March to August this year, the turnover of Tmall International Smart Dental Flosser (Water Dental Floss) increased by 253% year-on-year, and the per capita consumption of oral care products in all age groups rose across the board. Among them, the per capita consumption of post-95s grew the fastest, and the population consumption accounted for more than 50%, becoming the main consumer of oral products.

In this year’s Tmall Super Rookie, ROAMAN created an impressive record of nearly 10 million sales in a single day, more than twice the annual TOP2; 11,000 new electric toothbrushes were sold, and daily sales increased by more than 150% after the event. . The Roman x Dingxiang doctor joint model won NO1 in the dental appliance category, and the Roman Xingji electric toothbrush and the small fruit brush electric toothbrush respectively ranked first and second in sales in the electric toothbrush category. ROAMAN stood out from many brands and won the Top 10 Super Rookie Awards of Tmall of the year. Also winning the prize were well-known brands such as Huaxizi, Three and a half, and adopting a cow.

Roaman Water flosser and Sonic toothbrush

   has been deeply involved in the oral care industry for fifteen years. ROAMAN is the "strength responsibility" of the national brand. It has many years of experience and rich and mature technology accumulation in the field of oral care. The Roman Dental Laboratory, together with Taiwanese dentistry expert Professor Luo Dayou, Japan Hokkaido Medical University Professor Sudo Takashi, and many other dentistry experts, independently developed and produced a variety of electric toothbrushes and dental flushers, which have been favored by many consumers and have been awarded successively. The AWE Epland Award Product Award, the International CMF Design Award, etc., known as the "Oscar for Chinese Appliances".

electric toothbrush

ROAMAN, as the only main drafting unit of the two major group standards of "Electric Toothbrush" and "Electric Teeth Maker", sets an example with high standards, establishes industry standards and norms, and strives to improve the existing industrial ecology, and strive to allow millions of consumers to enjoy professionalism. The best oral care for the Chinese people's oral health and a happy life escort.
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