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For how frequently you change the toothbrush head? Jan 15

Let`s ROAMAN show you the  change the toothbrush head

Do you know how often it is better to change the toothbrush head? Did you know that after three weeks of use, a toothbrush head can contain millions of bacteria? Therefore, timely replacement of toothbrush head is also the key to ensure oral hygiene. So, how often do you change your toothbrush head? Roman toothbrush reminder, when your toothbrush head appears the following three signals, that it is time to replace!

Roaman electric toothbrush with toothbrush head

1. The root of the toothbrush becomes darker. The dirt at the root of the bristles will slowly accumulate, which is one of the reasons leading to the breeding of bacteria. Even if it is cleaned after each use, it can not be completely prevented. Therefore, once the color of the tooth brush root becomes darker, it is a signal of more dirt accumulation, and it should be replaced in time.

2. The toothbrush bristles are soft and crumpled. Once found that most of the brush tips have soft collapse phenomenon, it means that the wear degree is larger, has been unable to clean the teeth well, should be replaced.

3. The distance between the bristles is larger. Usually the bristles are densely arranged. If the distance between the bristles is significantly wider, the dirt will be more likely to remain on the root of the toothbrush. It is best to change a new toothbrush.

How often do I change my toothbrush? Ordinary toothbrushes will generally be used in about three months will appear in these three situations, the need to replace the toothbrush. But if you use an electric toothbrush, do you need to replace the head every three months as a regular toothbrush?

Roaman electric toothbrush with DuPont bristles , the top of the grinding round processing, cleaning ability is stronger. With the gradual use of the electric toothbrush, the color begins to fade from the end of the bristles. This time is the instruction to remind us to replace the toothbrush. According to the design requirements, the color fades to a certain degree, which means that the toothbrush needs to be replaced. For example, Roman T40 Sonic toothbrush, with the passage of time, the brush head will appear a heart shape, remind to replace the brush head! Electric toothbrush has the function of vibration to remove dirt, so it is recommended to change the brush head every 3 months.

How often do I change my toothbrush? Some special circumstances, also need to consider the timely replacement of toothbrush, such as cold after recovery, during the cold, toothbrush will be because there are many cold-related viruses, bacteria and so on after brushing, so it should be replaced with a new toothbrush to reduce the possibility of catching a cold again.

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