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How to use an Electric Toothbrush ?Experiens with Roaman E7 Feb 01

How to use an Electric Toothbrush ?Experiens with Roaman E7

The condition of our teeth is closely related to the quality of our life. If there are problems with the teeth and gums, it may affect appetite or pain. The condition of teeth is good or bad, in addition to congenital factors, the day after tomorrow maintenance is also important, correct brushing method, the right toothbrush is essential.

Compared with traditional toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are more convenient, less labor, and better at cleaning teeth. Today I want to share with you a new electric toothbrush -- Roman electric toothbrush E7. This toothbrush is equipped with cleaning, whitening, polishing, massage, sensitive five tooth cleaning modes, and also comes with two different functions of deep cleaning, sensitive brush head, can meet the different needs of different people.

Roman electric toothbrush E7

Packaging and accessories: the product uses the classic white paper packaging, printed on the front of the product name and the appearance of the toothbrush, the size is moderate, will not increase the burden for storage, the overall style is clean and simple but elegant, very fit the positioning of personal care products.

Roaman electric toothbrushes

Toothbrush attached to four brush head, all with imported DuPont brush hair, or very conscience, every three months to replace, can use a year. Brush head in pairs, respectively have different effects.

Toothbrush head

Whitening and deep cleaning brush head, the top of the bristles is ground round to protect the gums. With the increase of the use of time, the color of the bristles will gradually become lighter to remind the replacement of the brush head. This brush head is suitable for ordinary people who need to whiten their teeth.

Whitening and sensitive brush head, the bristles are more delicate, soft and elastic, and the top has been softened. It is suitable for users with sensitive teeth or the first time to use electric toothbrush, and the elderly with poor teeth are also more suitable for using this brush head.

A USB charger, charging the toothbrush directly on the circular protuberance can be. The product is not equipped with a power adapter. It can be directly connected to the U port of the plug row and the U port of the computer when charging. It's worth noting that the charger is also waterproof.

Appearance and details: The toothbrush is about 23.3cm long with the head attached, which is relatively small among several electric toothbrushes I have used. Toothbrush is no different in appearance design, modelling, and on the market most of the electric toothbrush, white cylindrical body, by Roman's position on a logo, in connecting the brush head has radian, gradually tightening, middle position is switch button, switch is below the display area, to identify the current model of cleaning teeth.

Use experience: Roman E7 electric toothbrush supports IPX7 level waterproof, and can be washed, soaked and flushed all over the body. It is very convenient to clean.

The Romain Electric Toothbrush E7 comes with five tooth cleaning modes, including 41,000 rpm/min  in cleaning mode, 48,000 rpm/min  in light mode, 38,000 rpm/min in polishing mode, 35,000 rpm/min in massage mode and 33,000 rpm in light and shade mode. The five cleaning modes are not only different in vibration frequency, but also in vibration mode of toothbrushes. As can be seen from the figure below, there are constant vibration, long interval vibration and similar RF vibration.

During use, the teeth feel comfortable, there is no bleeding in the gums, the brushing is relatively clean, and the overall effect is satisfactory. And the cost performance of this electric toothbrush is also relatively high, if you want to get an electric toothbrush, it is a very good choice.

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