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Roaman Technology leads the oral care industry to the 'Quality Era' Dec 30

Electric water flosser

The group standard of "Electric water flosser " has been officially released in China, and Roman Technology leads the oral care industry to the ‘Quality Era’.

The first group standard of ‘Electric water flosser’ mainly drafted by Roman Technology as the sole lead author was officially released and implemented on December 15th, which broke the situation that the water flosser industry has never had standard to follow. The group standard will promote the orderly development of oral care industry, and will be helpful for the oral health of the whole people.

The group standard of electric water flosser drafted for about one year and was released after six times’ discussion and reviews by experts.This is the second industry standard to be drafted by Roman Technology as the sole lead author, following the group standard of the Electric Toothbrush.

The electric water flosser is an oral care tool that uses pulsed water flow to clean teeth and teeth gaps. Brushing teeth is the main way to clean teeth and maintain oral hygiene, but it is difficult to clean the teeth gaps, gingival grooves completely. And the combination of water flosser and sonic  toothbrush can clean the teeth completely & effectively as well as improve the dental caries, dental calculus, gingival bleeding, gingivitis, etc.

ROAMAN brand is the national leading brand in oral care industry. Roman Technology has many years rich experience and mature technology accumulation in the field of oral care. Roman dental laboratory has been working with professor Luo, the famous dental expert of TaiBei Medical University & Prof. Takashi Saito, Dean of Hokkaido Medical University of Japan as well as other dental experts in China for years. We have been developing many different sonic toothbrushes & water flossers which are very popular among the consumers. Parts of them have won the AWE awards, which is also known as ‘ The Oscar of National Home Appliances ‘ as well as the International CMF design award, etc.

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