Roaman Oral Care

The word fatest motor in ROAMAN  

Function comparison for different motors

Motor Type ROAMAN Maglev Motor Other brands Maglev Motor  Eccentic Wheel Mortor
Vibration Frenquency 31000-48000/min <31000/min <25000/min
Stability Steady and Regular Steady and Regular 
Unsteady and Unregular
Working Time 60days  20days 10days 
Vibration Strength Strong Vibration Strong Cleaning Power Strong Vibration Strong Cleaning Power
Weak Vibration ,weak cleaning power
Electric Type Bult-in Lithium battery&Waterproof Bult-in Lithium battery&Waterproof
Dry Batteries and no waterproof
The Motor Size Small Big  Small
Cost high high low

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