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ROAMAN won the AWE Epland Award of global smart life for three consecutive years Mar 26

ROAMAN won the AWE Epland Award in the field of global smart life for three consecutive years

On March 24th, the China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo, the most credible product selection activity in China, and the AWE Appleland Award, known as the "Global Smart Life Oscar", was announced in Shanghai. After multiple rounds of rigorous selection, the ROAMAN electric toothbrush care machine T40 won the 2021 Honor of Aplan. This is the third consecutive year that ROAMAN has won the award.

The award-winning Roman T40 is a benchmark product in the electric toothbrush industry. It was jointly created by ROAMAN and the Alibaba design team. It debuted in the C position of the Tmall super rookie. The new product first launched a heated discussion and was favored by couples., And also won the "International CMF Design Award".

This handy electric toothbrush is customized for couples. It incorporates elements that young people like, such as appearance, care, and sweetness. It is selected from German PEDEX bristles. The toothbrush head is specially made of color-changing bristles to make a love shape . It will gradually fade after 100 days of use., A "love heart" shape appears, reminding you to replace the toothbrush head in time to keep it clean and hygienic.

Up to now, ROAMAN's three products including the tooth flusher Mini1, the electric toothbrush Smart1, and the T40 have won the AWE Epland Award, and have won the honor for three consecutive years, fully demonstrating ROAMAN's full product innovation and consumer insights. It is forward-looking and can lead the industry in technology research and development. It is a novel, fashionable and warm high-end personal care brand in the field of oral care.

ROAMAN has been focusing on oral care products such as electric toothbrushes and dental flushers for 16 years. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a member of the Chinese Dental Association. It is the world's first "electric toothbrush" industry standard drafter and the first in the industry. The main drafting unit of the industry standard for "Electric Teeth Punching Device". Roman has leading technology research and development capabilities, with a total of more than 250 patents.

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