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Tmall Golden Makeup Awards unveiled, ROAMAN became a big winner May 12

On April 13-14, the 7th Tmall Golden Makeup Award Ceremony was held in Shanghai. ROAMAN, a high-end personal care brand in China, won two awards, namely the 2021 Emerging Star Brand and the 2021 Oral Care Award.

The "Golden Makeup Award" sponsored by the Tmall platform is known as the "Oscar of the beauty industry". It is a comprehensive assessment of the beauty recognized by consumers on the Tmall platform based on the purchase data of hundreds of millions of consumers and real-use feedback reports. The makeup and skin care awards are regarded as authoritative lists by the industry. Every year, people from all walks of life from beauty brands, fashion magazines, and industry service providers gather to participate in the industry event and witness the birth of the annual Golden Makeup Award.

Since the establishment of the brand, ROAMAN has always focused on deep oral cleaning, upholding the "consumer-centered" concept, and is committed to providing professional oral care solutions. As the world’s first "Electric Toothbrush" industry standard and the only main drafter of the "Electric Teeth Washer" industry standard, ROAMAN always adheres to product quality and makes a brand with heart. Its electric toothbrushes, dental flushers and other oral care products are highly valued. Known for its beauty and high quality, it has gained the trust and praise of a large number of consumers. In the future, ROAMAN will continue to work with the Tmall platform to create more value for consumers.
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